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  1. what word are we not using for the Exponent Vocabulary Wheel:

    bace, cubed root, power, exponent, radical, radicand, or rational number.

    1. You choose which six words you would like to use. You can choose from the seven vocabulary words on the Learning Guide and the five Exponent Rules.

        1. You need 8 lines with different slopes, at least one of each kind: zero slope, positive slope, negative slope and undefined slope. For example you may have one horizontal line (zero slope), one vertical line (undefined slope), m=2, m=1/2, m=-1, m=1, m=4/5, m=-2/3. This would give you eight lines will different slopes with at least one of each kind.

    1. The table is giving you the information you need to set up your graph. Your independent variable is on the x-axis and will go from 0 to 70 counting by 5’s. Your dependent variable is on the y-axis and will go from 0 to 1050, counting by 50’s. You are creating a graph that only takes place in the first quadrant. We can talk more in class today.

  2. Mrs.Petty do we get our bord game back or do you keep them because I left something in my bord game that I need.

    1. Once you get to the website, go to the Algebra calendar and click on today’s date. You will see the assignment listed below the calendar. You can download the assignment by clicking on the highlighted address.

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